L.E.E.F Pricing

The fee structure is based on a five-hour stay. The following prices are based on three different ranges that are determined by group sizes. We offer large groups with over 60 participants a 6-hour program at no extra charge.

PRICING: H.S.T. is Included

Number of People Cost Per Person
Under 30 persons $45.11 / person
31 to 50 persons $43.79 / person
51 to 75 persons $42.48 / person
76 to 99 persons $41.18 / person
100+ persons $39.87 / person

Note: We also offer a half day option (3 hours) for $27.40

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If you are interested in our programs and additional information on hours and options, please feel free to email us at leef@ski-lakeridge.com or our team is just a phone call away 905-649-2058 or from Toronto 905-686-3607