Lakeridge offers two cafeterias that are licensed with slope side views.  We offer mouth watering burgers and we are known for our amazing poutine.  You don’t have to go skiing to eat here; stop in and give us a try!

Cafeteria hours may vary due to weather conditions.

Cafeteria Hours for this Week

Day Hours
Tuesday OPENS AT 11:00AM
Wednesday OPENS AT 12:00PM
Thursday OPENS AT 12:00PM
Friday OPENS AT 12:00PM
Saturday OPENS AT 11:00AM
Sunday OPEN AT 11:00AM

House Rules

Q: Can you bring in outside food?
A: Yes. homemade lunches only.  Food from other establishments is not permitted.

Q: Can I bring in a pizza?
A: Outside restaurant food is not permitted. i.e. pizza.

Q: Where can I eat my lunch/dinner?
A: Meals brought from home must be eaten on the upper level of the chalet. No outside food is allowed on the 1st floor.



Menu + tax Menu + tax
Western $8.10 Fried Egg Sandwich $5.00
Eggcellent $5.53 Peameal on a bun $7.98
Soup $5.25 Onion Rings $5.49
Gravy .93 Burger + Bacon & Cheese $11.31
Chili & Toast $9.23 Hamburger - Angus $8.58
Chicken Fingers & Fries - small $8.53 Cheeseburger $10.00
Chicken Fingers & Fries - large $12.74 Chicken Fingers only $9.48
Jumbo Hotdog $5.63 Border Special $8.10
Hotdog with Cheese $6.96 Grilled Cheese $4.97
Small Poutine $8.33 BLT $6.59
Large Poutine $10.43 Bagel + Cream Cheese $4.36
Chili Cheese Fries $11.80 Toasted Bagel $3.29
French Fries $6.21 Toast with Jam/Butter $2.96
Nachos $5.24 Cookie $2.54
Chili Dog $8.26 Peameal on a Bun $7.98
Chicken Caesar Wrap $11.21 Fried Egg Sandwich $5.00
Buffalo Chicken Wrap $11.88 Eggcellent $5.33
Sausage on a Bun $7.59 Western $8.10
Grilled Chicken Club $8.82 Soft Drinks $3.83
Beyond Burger (veggie) $8.34 Hot Chocolate $2.30
Juice $3.87 Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream $2.66
Coffee & Tea $2.23 White/Choc. Milk 500ml $3.81
Water $2.53 Beer $7.50
Hot Apple Drink $2.05 Wine $6.29
Slushies Small $2.78 Slushies Medium $3.43
Donut $2.54 Brownie $2.45
Muffin $2.60 Warm Brownie $2.45
Butter Tart $1.87

Not all items are offered throughout the entire day.  We are not a peanut free facility

Welcoming Guests with Dietary Restrictions

If you suffer from dietary restrictions please inform our staff.  When placing your order, inform the cashier that you have a special request.

Gluten Free Option:
1. Grilled Cheese (Rice flour bread with processed ribbon slice cheese)
2. French Fries
3. Gravy

Most Common Questions

Q:  What oil do we use in our fryer?
A:  We use Hubbert’s Liquid Shortening.

Q:  What are the ingredients of the Hubbert’s Liquid Shortening?
A;  Partially hydrogenated soybean oil, and dimethylpolysiloxane.

Q:  What French Fries do we use?
A:  Cavendish Signature Straight Cut.

Q: What are the ingredients of the Cavendish Signature Straight Cut French Fries?
A: Potatoes, canola and/or soybean oil, dextrose sodium acid pyrophosphate.

Q: What are the ingredients of our gravy?   (known to affect people with wheat allergies)
A: Modified corn starch, hydrolyzed corn, soy wheat, Veg. protein, beef fat, salt, wheat flour, modified milk ingredients, corn maltodextrin, sugar, beef extract flavor/color, yeast extract, onion and garlic powder, spice and sunflower oil.