Refund Policy

Refunds are not guaranteed. Management will review each refund. A $50.00 + HST Administration fee will be applied to all refunds.

Private Lesson
24 hours notice must be given in order to receive a refund. A $50.00 + HST Administration fee will be applied to all refunds.

Lesson Packages (Beginner Group/3 Person/4 Person Lesson Packages)
If you wish to cancel, you must do so 24 hours prior to your lesson or the full amount of the lesson will be charged to your credit card.

Prior to Opening Day
Lesson Packages and Season Pass refunds will be issued. A $50.00 + HST Administration fee will be applied to all refunds.

During Ski Season (5 or 8 week Lesson Programs)
A doctor’s note must be provided in order to receive a possible refund. Refunds will be pro-rated and a $50.00 + HST Administration fee will be applied.

Season Passes: You can receive a refund, minus $50.00 + HST Administration fee, if you contact a Lakeridge representative before December 23rd. 2018  After December 23rd there will be NO REFUNDS.

Lift Ticket and Rental Equipment
No refunds will be issued for lift tickets or rental equipment.

Lift Tickets that fall off:
If your ticket falls off, your ticket will not be replaced. You are responsible for your ticket after purchase.

Rental Equipment Policy

  • Additional costs will be applied if equipment is returned late.
  • All rental snowboard and snowblades must be returned to the rental shop when going in for any break (i.e. food, coffee or washroom break)

Ticket Removal Policy

Designated Lakeridge personnel have the authority to warn skiers/snowboarders/tubers/snowskaters and, if necessary, remove their tickets or season passes for out of control or irresponsible skiing / snowboarding, being intoxicated or for any other act deemed unacceptable.