Currently making snow, and actively watching the weather.  Will announce hours of operation soon.




Time Adult (18-64) Ages (6-17/65+)
 3 Hours (offered before 4pm, Mon-Sat) $49.50 $39.50
 4 Hours (offered before 4pm, Mon-Sat) $52.00 $41.50
 5 Hours (offered before 4pm, Mon-Sat) $55.00 $43.60
Unlimited Ticket (all day and night ticket) $57.75 $48.30
4:30pm - 9:30pm $49.50 $46.00
Beginner Hill Ticket (Magic Carpet) (8 hour ticket-one run only) $26.00 $26.00
All day and night Beginner Hill Ticket $36.00 $36.00
Children 5 years or younger is $17.00 Please read beside or below for details on children 5 & under $17.00
8-pack-mixer (Includes 4 day & 4 night tickets) $333.90 $288.75
8-Pack Day $391.65 $315.00
8-Pack Night $298.20 $298.20
Family Pass (2 adults & 2 Jr.)
Note: Only available PA Days & March Break
Includes four 5 hour tickets, rentals not included
Includes four 5 hour tickets, rentals not included
  • All tickets may be upgraded at $12.00 per hour.
  • Children 5 and under ski for $17.00 when accompanied by an adult with a valid area ticket.

Group Rates H.S.T. Extra

Any group with a minimum of 20 people pay the following per skier rate. Lessons minimum 6 per class of same ability. You must have 6 people renting to receive the group rate for rentals. Must book 2 days in advance.




Day - Weekends

Night - Weekends

Lift Ticket

$23.00 p/p

$33.00 p/p

$37.00 p/p

$25.00 p/p


$10.00 p/p

$10.00 p/p

$18.00 p/p

$10.00 p/p

Ski Rental

$18.00 p/p

$20.00 p/p

$23.50 p/p

$22.00 p/p

Snowboard Rental

$20.00 p/p

$22.00 p/p

$28.00 p/p

$25.00 p/p

Helmet Rental

$7.00 p/p

$8.00 p/p

$10.50 p/p

$8.00 p/p

Bonus: Receive one complimentary ticket for every 20 purchased!  All groups are required to book at least 2 days in advance. Group leader must buy all lift tickets and lessons in bulk, pay for all lift tickets and lessons when booking and distribute tickets to group members. Only Cash, Visa, MasterCard and Debit Card accepted.

Locker Rentals - H.S.T. EXTRA

Important: Please lock up your equipment when left unattended. Lakeridge Resort is not responsibile for lost or stolen equipment.

Type Price
Large $108.00 (You must supply own lock)
Coin Operated $2.00 per entry

Renters must supply their own Heavy Duty padlock. Limited seasonal lockers available. Coin operated daily lockers are $2.00 / locker.

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