Riders Snowboarding Program

The RIDERS Progression Pathway aims to provide the foundation for snowboarders, at an intermediate / advanced skill level, to build a passion and dedication to the sport that will create lifelong Riders. Safe riding skills and park etiquette will all be park of the program

Example Schedule:

Week 1 Fundamentals
Goal – Get to know the Athletes, assess their level of riding and set program tone.

Week 2 Carving
Goal – improving edging skills

Week 3 Generating Lift
Goal – learning to generate lift + introduction to terrain adaptation

Week 4 Introduction to Alpine Snowboarding
Goal – Introduction to Alpine Racing Skills and Steering

Week 5 Introduction to Slopestyle
Goal – Learn Park Safety and the basic skills for jumps and boxes

Week 6 Introduction to Snowboardcross
Goal – Introduction to Snowboard-cross skills (absorption, timing, banked turns, etc)

Week 7 Slopestyle Skills
Goal – add onto the basic skills taught earlier in the season and increase confidence in the park

Week 8 Program Review & Wrap up
Goal – Review of all disciplines ( wrap up for 8 week program) Mini Skills contest in each discipline

To learn more, visit this website for more information: Riders Program Information

Program Ability Levels


The student has snowboarded on many occasions and has experienced a variety of hills and different ski areas. He/she can turn and stop under control using recognized formal techniques. They can board with confidence on blue slopes and possibly some black/advanced slopes.


The student is an experienced and competent snowboarder. He/she has received formal instruction, knows and understands the Alpine Responsibility Code and can demonstrate ability at an advanced level

Program Begins: Saturday January 7th, 2017
Time: 9:00am to 11:00am
Price: Regular $537.76 + HST / Full Season Pass Holder $383.41 + HST