Prior to your visit you are required to book your day and time so you can hit the slopes with confidence!


Reservations will be updated soon.



Skis, Boots and Poles

4 HOURS 5 HOURS DAY (9:00-4:30) NIGHT (4:30-9:30)
ADULT $37.90 $39.30 $44.50 $39.25
JR. / INT. / SR $32.95 $34.20 $38.10 $34.20

* HST Extra on Ski, Boot and Pole Rentals


Skis or Any Boot

4 HOURS 5 HOURS DAY (9:00-4:30) NIGHT (4:30-9:30)
Adult $25.85 $27.20 $29.30 $27.20
JR./INT./SR. $22.10 $23.20 $25.70 $23.20

* HST Extra on Skis or Any Boot Rentals

Snowboard and Boots

4 HOURS 5 HOURS DAY (9:00-4:30) NIGHT (4:30-9:30)
ADULT $47.50 $48.85 $56.75 $48.85
JR. / INT. / SR $43.90 $45.20 $47.75 $45.20

* HST Extra on Snowboard and Boot Rentals

Snowboard Only

4 HOURS 5 HOURS DAY (9:00-4:30) NIGHT (4:30-9:30)
ADULT $32.95 $35.15 $37.55 $35.15
JR. / INT. / SR $28.85 $31.15 $33.45 $31.15

* HST Extra on Snowboard Rentals

Helmet and Poles

Helmet Rental (5 Hours) $13.30
Helmet Rental (all day/night) $16.00
Poles (5 Hours) $ 6.85
Poles (all day/night) $13.75

* HST Extra on Helmet and Pole Rentals

Snowblades and Boots

4 HOURS 5 HOURS DAY (9:00-4:30) NIGHT (4:30-9:30)
$34.50 $35.65 $39.85 $34.75

* HST Extra on Snowblade Rentals

Rental Packages for Juniors

Ski Board
5 week package $167.35 $176.80
7 week package $203.70 $215.25
Helmet Package - 5 weeks $59.40 $59.40
Helmet Package - 7 weeks $83.15 $83.15

* HST Extra on Rental Packages for Juniors.  (For Lesson participants only)

Rental – Winter Clothing

Winter Clothing 8 Hours
Men's Snowpant $17.75
Men's Coat $17.75
Woman's Snowpant $17.75
Woman's Coat $17.75
Child Snowpant $17.75
Goggles $ 9.00

Rentals Upgrades

Skis, Boots and Poles $7.60 per hour
Snowboard and Boots $8.70 per hour
Snowblades $7.05 per hour

* HST Extra on Rental Upgrades

Responsibilities When Renting Lakeridge Equipment

  • Those renting equipment are responsible for damaged, lost or stolen equipment.
  • Lakeridge Resort is not responsible for damaged, loss of stolen property left on Lakeridge’s premises by our guests.
  • If you require bindings to be adjusted, Lakeridge Technicians can adjust many different makes of bindings. (please refer to the Repair Shop Page)


Important information to know before arriving at Lakeridge:

  • Parent or guardian signatures (4) are needed on the rental release forms for people under 18 years of age
  • Skier Height
  • Skier Weight
  • Skier Shoe Size/ Length of foot (heel to toe) in Centimeters  *preferred for fastest service and best fit*

Your Health and Safety is our Priority:

What you can do for us:

  • The customer must be ready to go outside before entering rentals as they will not be able to get outdoor clothing on inside of rentals
  • 1 parent per child maximum to accompany the child through the rental department
  • No personal belongings besides footwear may be left in the rental department
  • Customers are asked to maintain social distancing of 6 feet and wear a face mask while inside the rental department at all times.
  • Staff members will gather equipment (boots, clothing, goggles, helmets, skis and snowbaords) for the customer. *please do not touch any of the equipment until it has been given to you, as we try to avoid cross contamination for health and safety reasons*
  • Customers may choose to leave their footwear in the cubby were their boots came from, store them in their vehicle or a coin operated locker.
  • All equipment must be returned to rentals at the sliding glass doors at the end of your ski time. If your footwear has been stored in a rental cubby, a staff member will locate them and bring the footwear to you.

What we will do for you:

  • Staff members will be wearing appropriate PPE
  • Rentals will have a 1 way flow system to reduce the risk of contamination
  • All rental equipment (boots, clothing, goggles, helmets, skis and snowboards) will be disinfected and cleaned for next cycle of use
  • Physical distancing in place and expect line ups.
  • Rental equipment purchased for a lesson program will be pre-set and ready for 2nd day of programs.