Resort Commitment During Covid-19 for Pass Holders



  • Please send your picture in with your registration form to so we can have your pass ready before your arrival.
  • Line ups will adhere to physical distancing (2 metre spacing) between individuals or between individual households and cohorts. 
  • When entering the chalet, a mask/face covering must be worn.
  • Enter Slope side main doors.
  • Dress for the weather and prepare for long social distanced line-ups. 
  • Physical distancing occupancy capacities will be posted. 
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory unless eating in designated areas.
  • Homemade meals or any food not purchased from our cafeteria is NOT allowed in chalet due to limited restaurant seating.
  • Hand sanitizing stations at the entrance to buildings along with appropriate signage.
  • Indoor touch surfaces (doors, knobs, faucets, payment card touch pads, & tables) shall be cleaned with a sanitizing solution frequently. 
  • There will be areas available inside the chalet to get dressed to go outside, at first come first served basis.
  • Cubbies will be available for your belongings, at first come first served basis.
  • Dress for the weather as chalet could be at capacity and you may have to remain outside.
  • Consider getting ready to ski or snowboard at your vehicle.


  • The rental facility will abide to physical distancing and cleaning measures.
  • Cleaning, maintenance logs, and rental rotation schedules are implemented to follow COVID-19 regulations.
  • Hand sanitation stations will be available at high touch points areas (boot areas, helmet areas, and counter spaces).
  • Staff to wear PPE and face shields.
  • Physical distancing in place and expect line ups.   Rental equipment purchased for a lesson program will be pre-set and ready for 2nd day of programs. 
  • Reducing cross contamination, separate areas for pick up and drop off are provided.
  • Returned rentals to be cleaned, stowed and available for next cycle of use.


  • Lift line-ups for upload and download will be structured safely and respecting social distancing
  • Where physical distancing cannot be met, other controls such as face coverings will be used as an alternative.
  • Disinfecting measures for lift carriers and stations may vary based on practicality, and weather conditions.
  • PPE procedures in place for lift staff to protect themselves and the guests.
  • Lift Evacuations and first responders may require additional PPE if there is close contact with a guest.
  • All the above would apply to an emergency lift evacuation to rescue/extract guests from lift carriers.


  • Signage placed in washrooms to advise guests of appropriate physical distancing, proper hand washing and waste disposal techniques.
  • Determining the occupancy load of each washroom based on maintaining the required physical distancing.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of washrooms will be scheduled, depending on occupancy loads. 


  • Barriers at cash register and counters.
  • Cashless payment methods available.
  • Take-out available
  • Cleaning of high touch surfaces and equipment.
  • Reduction of per person or group capacity.
  • Spacing, design, layout, and capacity of seating areas have been established.  Time limit at tables.
  • Picnic areas available.
  • Homemade meals or any food not purchased from our cafeteria is NOT allowed in chalet due to limited restaurant seating.


  • Enhanced cleaning protocols in our resort and in our cafeteria, with focus on high traffic and high contact areas. Corona virus is eliminated by routine surface cleaning and staff are committed to vigorous cleaning throughout the resort.