Lakeridge Experiential Education Facility (L.E.E.F.)

The Lakeridge Experiential Education Facility (L.E.E.F.) opened in the spring of 2001 and offers an exhilarating and innovative adventure program.

Programs are designed and personalized for elementary, high school, college, university and corporate groups. Activities are appropriate for ages 8 to adult.

Lakeridge Experiential Education Facility gives you the opportunity to try new and exciting activities such as: High Ropes, Vertical Playground, The Quick Climb, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Bouldering Wall, Obstacle Course, Team building Initiatives and more. These activities are designed to challenge each participant’s physical strength, emotional boundaries, and problem solving skills while progressing through each challenge.

Our program emphasizes new methods to increase communication skills, build self-esteem, improve self-confidence, and to promote trust and teamwork amongst your group members.

Activity Days are offered mid-May through end of June. You may choose the activities you wish your students to participate in and L.E.E.F. coordinators will tailor the program to meet your needs and objectives for a fun-filled day.

These inspiring programs focus on: team building, respect, co-operation, self-confidence, physical activity and personal challenge.  Programming is custom designed to achieve your goals for elementary schools, secondary schools, universities or colleges, sporting or private groups and corporate training.

Benefits of the Program

Why should you bring your class to L.E.E.F.?

  1. Curriculum based programs that can be tailored to meet your group’s specific needs.
  2. Cooperative initiatives to enhance social skills.
  3. Inclusive programs based on Challenge By Choice philosophy.
  4. Experiential learning in a positive environment to boost individuals self esteem and self confidence.
  5. Teamwork is a key factor in attempting the challenging activities.
  6. Trust in peers is nurtured throughout the entire program.
  7. Effective communication skills are developed in all of our activities.
  8. Problem solving and decision making skills are developed through our challenging high ropes course.
  9. Individual benefits include: increased muscle endurance, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and agility.
  10. Certified Challenge Course Instructor (Challenges Unlimited) create a low risk and fun environment.

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L.E.E.F. Testimonials

Bond Academy: Click on link for their fun experience

Centennial College:

We would like to take the time to formally thank you helping us coordinate the Outdoor field trip for
Centennial College. The day was a hit with all of our students and staff!
Thank you also to your amazing staff that went above and beyond, ensuring that our students had a great time! The way they structured the day allowed for our students to have multiple chances to
participate in all the activities you facility had to offer.
Again, thank you for your help in making this happen. On behalf of the Athletics, and Recreation
Department at Centennial College we greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided us and
hope to continue organizing events with you.
Gandatsetiagon Public School:

It was a fun filled day for our grade 8s to develop relationships with their peers and build team comraderie. They worked together and laughed a lot. The staff were great and made a good day fantastic.

St John Bosco C.S.:
A great opportunity to bring schools as grade classes or division to foster community at the beginning of the school year.

Durham Family Courts:
The Lakeridge Sports Camp gave our students the opportunity to build self confidence, learn new skills and challenge themselves during our three day visit. It was excellent team building experience for our students and staff and a pleasure to participate in.

Pringle Creek Public School:
We laughed….. We cried….. We Screamed and sighed….
At times we thought we’d almost died…..
We protested and whimpered, but in the end
Thanks for a Great Day, we loved it!