About Us

Located less than 70km from Downtown Toronto, Lakeridge Resort is nestled in the beautiful Oak Ridges Moraine and offers year-round fun for everyone. Lakeridge is an exciting for you and your child to develop skills and passion for snow sports.

Skiing and Snowboarding is for every one of all ages!  Featuring 21 runs spread over 70 acres, we offer a wide range of trails for skiers and snowboarders, from beginner to expert, including mogul runs, banked slalom run, 3 dedicated snowboard terrain parks, fun park, snowcross and a separate snow tubing park. We are your first choice for beginners to experts whether you ski, snowboard, snow tube or mountain bike.  Adventure Camp is offered throughout July and August.

History of the Area

When first settled in the early 1800’s, the principal activity in the area surrounding Lakeridge Resort was the lumber industry.  By the year 1900, a number of farms had been established.  The abruptly rolling topography of the area however provided many obstacles for the farmers and most agricultural activity in the area has ceased.  At the present time there are only two families deriving their principal income from agriculture within 5 kilometers of the site of Lakeridge Resort.

During the 1930’s, the same topography that was creating hardships for the area farmers began to attract travelers from Toronto.  Interest in the sport of skiing was beginning to grow and while Toronto, itself, offered some opportunities for skiers, the Toronto Ski Club sought a location for its members that would provide a greater challenge but was still accessible.

Roads to and in Uxbridge Township during the 30’s would be considered cart-tracks by today’s standards.  The area was very accessible, however, by way of the CPR rail line running from Toronto to Peterborough and Havelock.  In 1938, the Toronto Ski Club approached a number of area farmers and as a result, leased approximately 400 acres in the area surrounding the site of Lakeridge Resort.

The site of Lakeridge Resort, the former Pugh family farm, was the location of the Toronto Ski Club’s clubhouse and what was likely the first ski tow in Ontario.  The late Myrtle (Pugh) Todorow operated the clubhouse for the skiers during the winter months and ran it as a youth hostel during the summers.  Records indicate that as many as a thousand skiers arrived on the train on a Saturday morning.  Many of these were transported to the clubhouse on horse-drawn sleighs run by area farmers.

In the 40’s the Toronto Ski Club built a new clubhouse on a property adjacent to the Pugh farm and moved their base of operations to that location.

After the Toronto Ski Club left the Pugh property in 1948, the family continued to allow skiers to use the property for a number of years even though there were no ski tows available.

In January of 1983, the first steps were taken to bring skiing back to the Pugh farm, now the site of Lakeridge Resort.