Snow Makers

Snowmaking Technicians are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of our snowmaking system.

• Responsible for creating and maintaining snow levels across the entire resort using high pressure air & water to ensure excellent snow quality for our guests.
• Will maintain snowmaking equipment before, during and after use to ensure efficient performance and safety of equipment.
• Will be responsible for checking snow texture and making adjustments as needed.
• Reporting to the Director of Outside Operations of any changes in weather and be in constant communication with the entire crew.
• Snowmaking is a 24hr, 7 day a week operation that is constantly evolving as each shift changes.

• Snowmaking keeps you outside in all-weather so an enjoyment of the outdoors is a must!
• Use of computers
• Must be 18 years or older
• Must be able to drive a snowmobile
• Valid Driver’s License

Please apply to:

Jennifer Osborne
Director of Operations
Fax: 905-649-3752